Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My dear girls ....check out my blog shop IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE....just click on the icon in the column at the right with the same name. Some wonderful fabric blocks are being offered with free shipping in the USA...check it out today!!
Thank you for stopping. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We went out to eat at OLIVE GARDEN. I got red roses and my husband got a new wallet and pj's and chocolate of course. We have had a GREAT week between my birthday and Valentine's day.

It is very cold here. I am so anxious for spring. Leave a comment and tell me about
what you want to do this spring at your house. Just a little note and I will put your name in a drawing for a free self adhesive fabric sheet with the image you see above. The sheet will have two 5 x 7 inch fabric blocks on a 100% cotton SELF ADHESIVE fabric sheet. You can cut your blocks to size to fit your project. Random Drawing will be April 1. The water mark you see will not appear on your self adhesive fabric blocks. Please note you only quality for the drawing if you leave a comment here on this posting. Thank you.


Julia said...

hello there!

Thank you ever so very much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment today!
Ive just enjoyed looking through yours, the pictures are very nostalgic and take me right back to childhood!
Spring is slow to arrive here, although there are peeks of it here and there. This year we would like to grow more veggies and salady bits in our garden, as well as plant more wild flowers to encourage the bees to visit!

Sending love to you from the UK
Julia x x x

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness, what do i want to do when spring come.. Here at my house, I want to get out and see the flowers poping their heads out of the ground.. I want to get my hands dirty in the freshly tilled soil to plant new flowers and a garden.. I want to get out and work on my things i want to get painted.. I want to get started on building out cabin... I want to be able to take my metal detector out and use it to find TREASURES... .. Any way.. that is a few thing that come to mind right now.. Huggggggggggggggs Sheila

Lori said...

well Pat, my spring list is very long...and most of it will probably not get down...but i am definitely going to rearrange my flower beds...that is on the top of my list...your fabric block is gorgeous...i would love to win...thanks for the chance!!!

J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs said...

Hi Pat, I am so excited for spring this year. So many projects I would love to get completed. We have plans to "shabby cottage chic" my kitchen. I have chosen a very soft pink for the walls, and antique white with an aging treatment on my cabinets,and mounted in the center of each cabinet door there with be a framed print of vintage pink roses. We have collected many of the antique crystal/glass doorknobs and those will be my kitchen cabinet knobs. We have also acquired some old barn wood that will be whitewashed and then laid down as my countertops with heavy coats of lacquer on top to protect the wood.I saw this done on a home improvement show and it was beautiful! Hoping to get a new farmhouse styled sink as well. New hard wood flooring to top it all off!
I have this vision of it my head and can hardly wait until it is completed. I just know it will be beautiful.
Outdoors will be fun too this flowers and new flower beds. I plant something new every year. Annuals and perennials all around. We have started a brick walkway that leads from the house to the shed, and want to continue it out to the firepit. We want to make a big circle of the bricks around the firepit and have seating around that as well. Along the sides of the brick pathway I want to plant all sorts of perennials. Delphiniums, floxglove, and more of my favorites like bleeding hearts and lily of the valley. It will be lovely!
These are just a few of many reasons I am so looking forward to springtime and the warmer weather it brings. Just to open up the windows and let the breezes blow through the house will be wonderful even if all the other projects don't get completed!
Hugs from me to you my sweet friend! Blessings, Julie

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Pat, Oh what a delightful giveaway. I have many plans for Spring as it warms up. We have already started inside and hope to be outdoors by the time the weather breaks from this cold spell.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day and happy creating.
Love to you sweet friend,
Celestina Marie

fannipauline said...

Wow - everyone talks of the cold weather ----today it is going to be 81 degrees here in Imperial Valley, CA - - - I would love to have it cooler......Sounds like you had a beautiful Birthday & Valentine's Day...For Spring I plan on creating some larger card table cloths out of vintage ones I already have.......I have created one-of-a-kind items for well over 50 years...I am planning a Gift Show in October and I am very excited. God has blessed me with a young mind and hands - plus - new ideas constantly.....I am 79, but that does not stop me from anything I choose to do.....Well within reason - I don't run marathons or climb mountains..ha ha.

Please add me to your list for your Give Away. What an honor it would be if I win. I love your beautiful images

Hugs and Blessings...Pauline

Rebecca Boyer said...

Hi Pat!

What a sweet fabric block! I just want to be able to go outside in warm weather and walk the dogs. Can't wait to see the daffodils and tulips we plant each year. Also the jack-in-the-pulpits and trillium along the paths in the State Park next to us. We don't have any special projects yet, just planting flower seeds and buying annuals for all the hanging flower pots. THINK SPRING!!!!!!!

Lots of Love and Hugs!!! Keep Creating!!!! So glad I found you!!!!! Rebecca

Jonnie's Shabby Cottage Creations & More said...

Hi Pat,
How are you and your sweet little doggie? I sent you an email with the new addition to my house....little Chewy. You will smile when you see him for sure. I am anxious for spring to arrive so that I can watch him romp around outside a bit more. Too cold here in Idaho with snow and frost. I love all your new creations as always. You are a true artist that brings a sweet and happy feeling to us all when we look at the things we have purchased from you.
Have a great day friend filled with Blessings, Love, Jonnie

Lois said...

Hi Pat!
Greetings from the cold country Canada. Here is Southern Ontario we just got hit again with another storm.
So what do I want to do in the spring? I want to find a nice sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind and sit and read a good book, then listen to the birds and maybe just maybe rake the back yard before I take a little snooze in the sunshine. I need to rest up from all our snow shovelling. LOL!
Have a great week Pat.
PS If I am eligible please enter me in your draw if not that's ok too!

Marie Antionette said...

Hello dearest Pat,
I'm back to blogging a bit at a time. Missed you Lady.I pray everyone is well at home.
You have been creating some beautiful things as usual.I love the eye candy below.Very beautiful.Everything you make is eye candy.I had my ladies group over the other day and they were still loving my pillow.
You take care dear.
XXOO Marie Antionette

遊樂園 said...

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Anonymous said...

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J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs said...

Hi Pat, Just a quick note to let you know I am now following your blog, and I have added a link to your blog with your cute little logo to the sidebar on my blog! Also, I will from time to time be posting vintage images to share with everyone, so if you want to check in now and then to see if there are any you are interested in that would be great! Blessings n hugs, Julie

Susie said...

Spring must be around the corner! This Spring I want to paint my front door plum. I cannot wait to put up fresh flowers in my wrought iron carriage near my door and welcome Spring!
Thanks for creating such fun.
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Pat! Maybe I will make my bunnies to sell some day but for now, crafting is just therapy for me! I would love to win your fabric block- thanks1

My Spring plans include selling house and movong to Idaho! ♥